Feature: Serringe

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Feature: Serringe

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Name: Serringe

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Start Date: 1978

Influence: Martha Cooper, Stephen Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton
Stanley Kubrick, Phillip K. Dick, Edgar Allan Poe, Tdee, Bjork, Wu-Tang
Onyx, Nirvana, The Cure, Godzilla, Robotech, G.i. Joe, Tales from the Darkside,
The Twilight Zone, H.G. Wells, Jim Lee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Bones
Brigade, Craig Stecyk and last but not definitely not least…. The G.O.D.

Effect: When I started documenting and shooting graffiti/street art I wanted to present
it in a way that everyone can appreciate. I feel that most graffiti videos tend to be aggressive
and though I love the rawness in them and find them completely entertaining I personally want to make videos
that one day I can show to my kids and my loved ones in general. I do my best to draw emotion
out of what I shoot. Art is very emotional and delivering videos this way makes people relate to
the passion, drive and sacrifices that one makes to paint in the way that some of these guys/girls do.
I guess in the end I hope I effect people in a positive way.

Long run: I want to continue to shoot and hopefully one day shoot every artist at least once.



Instagram @serringe

JonOne – This is not graffiti by Alexis Deforges

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Alexis has been producing a lot of great films lately. take a look at this one on legend JonOne


THIS IS NOT GRAFFITI – A JONONE PORTRAIT & A RIGHT JAB ! from alexis deforges on Vimeo.

Feature: Kelly Towles

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Feature: Kelly Towles

name- Kelly Towles

Location- Washington DC

Start Date- 90’s

influence- DC- Music, My Wife and Kid- artist that Influenced me in the start were Chuck Close, Egon Schiele, Twist, Pushead, Derek Hess to name a few.

Effect- Hopefully people smile. I think the harder you over think what people will think- you already have a roadblock stopping you in making works you enjoy to make.

Long run- Hopefully on this same path- I have been independently making art for awhile now- I can think of nothing else I love more- besides my fans.

Shout outs to RWK- DC and 202.
Links- www.kellytowles.com

IG- @kellytowles

Feature: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

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Feature: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

Name: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

Location: Arizona

Start date: Been painting for over 10 yrs.
been customizing for about 4 yrs.

Influence: My influences… Music. Don’t think I could create without it.  Always been a fan of Tara McPhersons work… As well as Tim Burton.
Both artists work has always captivated me.

Effect: My “Fragile am I” character would be that character that I think might make people think twice. And realize we are all fragile and even a small break destroys the structure.

Long run: Would love more than anything to create full time. (I already do but I still have a 40hr day job as well) so that’s my goal to do this Full Time and this only.  If nothing more because people appreciate the work I put into art. And Nobody gives a shit at the day job. I’m just a number.
IG @davemarkart

Feature: Gold Poo

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Feature: Gold Poo

Name: Gold Poo
Location: NYC
Start date: Fall 2013 for this project but I suppose I’ve always been artistic.
Influence: As an artist and art fan there are too many people to name that influence me.  In terms of painting poop I had really never seen it done before.  So when I ran the idea of spray painting dog shit gold by a few close friends and got good feedback, I decided to actually run with the idea.  It is great to have people in your corner making sure you don’t do too many dumb things.  I can easily say I wouldn’t be doing this without the support of the people around me.  I have really awesome friends.
Effect: First, I don’t want people to step in shit.  So I hope they see it.  Then, I hope people laugh.  But it actually is a metaphor.  People will all too often over value an item when in reality is just shit underneath.
Long run: I really don’t have a clue where this may take me, but I am having a lot of fun.  My hope is to one day have a serious one man show where I’m forced to take this concept to another level.  But until then, I’ll stick to playing in the streets.
Links: Twitter / Instagram

Closing party tonight

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Closing party tonight

Stop by and check out the closing party for
SWEET TOOF “Derailed”

PANDEMIC gallery & event space
22 Waverly Ave. (btwn Park ave/ Flushing ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
social media: @pandemicgallery

Feature: K•NOR

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Feature: K•NOR

Name: K•NOR

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Start date: Making art under my alias since 2013.

Influence: Horror movies, picture books, skate graphics and punk rock, combined with an unhealthy fascination with graffiti and a general appreciation for people who push their own imaginations.

Effect: Good or bad, I just want my art to have an effect on people. I think the worst art is the kind that you look at and don’t think twice about.  Ultimately I am telling my own story and doing what I love, so if I can get a stranger to relate to what I am trying to say or inspire them to push their own creativity– those are all bonus points in my book.

Long run:  My goal is to never stop challenging what I think I am capable of as an artist.  For me, this means getting outside of my comfort zone as much as possible and trying to express myself in unfamiliar ways that are not guaranteed to work. Over the next few years I want to paint more, paint bigger, continue collaborating with people that inspire me and fail as often as I succeed.  Before I am dead and buried I want everyone to know my name.

Links:  www.K-NOR.com

ChrisRWK and Cluster Wall print give away!

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ChrisRWK and Cluster Wall print give away!

ChrisRWK has teamed up with Cluster Wall to bring you a print give away for two lucky winners!

These one color prints are signed by ChrisRWK and only a few exist.
The other 30 hand-embellished prints will be available soon exclusively at www.cluster-wall.com so follow, Like, and join the mailing list for all release info.
A few of the series will also be released at the Cluster Wall’s launch party on Saturday, January 17 at 17 Frost Gallery in Brooklyn starting at 7 p.m.

How to enter:

1. Follow @Cluster_wall and @ChrisRWK on Instagram
2. Like ClusterWall and Robots Will Kill on Facebook – Cluster Wall on FaceBook and Robots Will Kill on FaceBook
4. Tag @cluster_wall and #clusterwallcontest

Cluster Wall will then count the reposts and pick two numbers at random between 1 and however many reposts there were.
The two winners will get their very own 18″ x 24″ signed screen print by ChrisRWK.

The contest will end on Friday, January 9th at 12 p.m.

So head on over to Instagram and Facebook for your chances to win


Feature: Last Witness

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Feature: Last Witness

Name: Last Witness

Location: Brooklyn, Ny

Start date: been a photographer 16yrs…in reality I feel like I have always just been doing stuff never called it art not even today

Influence: Joe McNally, Avedon, Glenn Friedman, Craig Stecyk, Rob Doleki, Ricky Adam, NYC itself

Effect: I just like that images are the most universal language there is outside of the blind..I hope that people get the fuel in the minds ignited to have their own thoughts or reactions.

Long run: zero clue but when it stops being fun I’m out which seems to be periodically…