Marthalicia Matarrita (m²): Feature

Marthalicia Matarrita (m²): Feature

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in featured

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Name:  Marthalicia Matarrita. sometimes known as M-Squared / (m)2

Location:  Harlem, NYC. Uptown New York

Start date:  Started doing art when I was very young, got real with it in high school : 1994, then focus in college by 2007. Started painting Live since 2007 til now.

Influence:  My art influences has been life. Copying from black books, then reflecting to biographical events to then reflection of life. My art mirrors my reactions as they appear to day to day life.
Effect: I don’t know what effect means in relation to my work. my initial form of effect has been through pen and ink, then acrylic and paint brush, which then evolved to aerosol paint.

Effect: 1.  I would love to get people to understand what I want to communicate. some ideas that I translate via my art works display questions about life and about how we as people communicate with one another. as simple as it gets, that’s what I want to reach out to people

Long Run:  I don’t know how far my art will take me. Thus far, I have realized art has always been there for me since I can remember, have saved my from dark moments, and thus I believe art and art making will be ongoing until I die.

Links: instagram : @marthalicia