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SINNED: Feature

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in featured

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Location: Queens, NY
Start Date: Can’t say for sure, started drawing and painting as a kid, I’d say the time I started using SINNED as a identifier for my art was around the mid nineties.
Influence: Big category for this one, let’s see,
New York City – I love the energy of these streets! / Jim Phillips / Miro / Basquiat – my high school trip to see his retrospective at the Whitney was the start / Jackson Pollock / Herb Lubalin /     Camille Rose Garcia / Jeff Soto / Doze Green / Dalek / Mike Giant / Toys / Star Wars / X Men Comics / Stickers at the local skate shop growing up / Motorhead / Danzig / Alice In Chains / Slayer / Sepultura / Sick of it All / Madball / Blind Willy Johnson / Rev Gary Davis / Muddy Waters / Hank Williams / Johnny Cash

When I work at home in my studio I find my work reflects different themes and emotions. Lately it’s been more about different ancient tribes of character/creatues, indigenous to areas of a of an imaginary land. These character/creatues have themes that relate to our world and human nature, the idea of good and evil, spirituality and religious aspects.

I don’t really think about how these works will be perceived, they’re about my own questions and in a lot of ways sub conscious thoughts and feelings. I discover a lot through this.

If I’m painting outside or doing something public I tend to work more with the idea of adding something to that area, it usually is more colorful and hopefully cheerful. I think a lot about the impression art on the streets has on kids who haven’y fully developed yet.

Long Run:
My main reason behind making art is to find out what’s inside of me, my thoughts, feelings, ext…  and to push my abilities as an artist.

In the long run I’d like to keep developing as an artist and have the good fortune to show my work.

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