Interview: CETE/CT

Interview: CETE/CT

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in featured

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Crews: KIS Keepen It Simple. 1ma. One Man Army

1. When did you start? Why?

Got started bout 92/93 around there. It was past down from one of my cousins I seen him writing, I was like I wanna do that too. That’s when he past me my first pilot. It was on since then.

2. Influences?

CES YES2 MED and da Bronx

3. You do a backwards C in your tags. Why?

Cause it was something that will catch your eye when u seen it, plus with the arrow T it was like art in its self! Original. I never seen no body do it!!

4. Recently clean trains have been getting hit again. What’s your feeling on this?

That’s a good thing. I’m the motivator behind this wonderful new movement happening lately. This is where it started from and I’m going to keep it there !!

5. You do a lot of high-risk spots but you also keep your presences in the street known. Is catching street tags and fills as fun/important as a clean train?

Well im an all around graff head; tag, throwie, straight letters, blockbusters, paint rollers, stickers and piecing. For me streets are too easy! Over rated with hippy yuppie (street art). I do the streets with my eyes closed. Trains are my life.

6. I asked Vew about involving cartoons and recognizable images in pieces. Do you include them as homage or to help draw the viewer in?

The ones Vew and me pick are very thought out! But lately I thought I can pay homage to fellow writers by throwing in their work with mine cause I can draw my self (self taught) on trains so they can see what I see!

7. Where do you see yourself and your art in a few years?

Hopefully get me a paint deal. Don’t care bout money. Paint makes me happy!

Shout outs etc:

NO BODY SHOUTS ME OUT. Thanks to KIS 1ma and all the people who laughed at me when I said I was going to bring this clean train movement back … MOTIVATION!!

shout out to my man lordzNYC