Band Feature: VICE

Band Feature: VICE

Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in featured

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A few years ago I brought my cousin to see Avail at the Knitting Factory, he was around 13 yrs old. Next thing I know he’s coming to any show i’m going to and he’s starting a band. Here it is around 7 years later and he’s the singer for one of the hardest working New York Hard Core bands around.

They are hitting the road again. try and see them in your area. Here’s some info about them.

Whose in the band?
Andrew Vacante- vocals
James Nappo- bass
Dom Manzi- guitar
Tommy Defelice- drums

When did you form?
We formed in 2010. Started touring hard in 2012.

Your from Staten Island NY, not a place people think of when you say New York Hard Core. Why? And why are you different?
I think Staten Island gets put under the radar because we don’t have a thriving scene for hardcore. Maybe back in the day but definitely not now. I guess you can say were different because we don’t play the classic NYHC type of hardcore. There’s definitely the influence in it, of course but we are also influenced by a lot of other types of faster hardcore and punk or if you wanna call it Powerviolence or whatever. And definitely our message sets us apart as well. I feel like a lot of bands avoid harsh truths nowadays.

You’ve toured a lot in only a few years. What has been you favorite show so far?
Favorite show hands down is between this house show in cathedral city, California and The show we played in Puerto Rico. Definitely the most people attended and definitely the most wild and awesome experiences.

What do you want people to get from your music? Seeing you live?
I just want them to read into the lyrics more than anything. Of course the music rips…haha but the message is the most important thing for this band. When they see us live I obviously want them to have fun. Go nuts. What I would also LIKE to happen, I know this probably doesn’t, but if I could just instill that sense of wonder and fascination for hardcore or possibly revive it for someone I would feel like I’ve done so much. When kids come up to me and tell me how much the band means to them or this song or anything like that I just feel like nothing beats that.

April 28 Wilmington, DE Spaceboy Clothing
April 30 Chesapeake, VA VA Live
May 1 Fayetteville, NC The Drunken Horse Pub
May 2 Jacksonville, FL The Farm (House show)
May 3 Orlando, FL Uncle Lou’s
May 4 Lake Worth, FL Propaganda
May 5 Odessa, FL The Goat House
May 6 Panama City, FL A&M Theatre
May 7 Auburn, AL Balcony Bar
May 8 Columbus, GA Plug House
May 9 Jackson, MS Rampage Extreme Skatepark
May 10 Memphis, TN Juicy Jim’s
May 11 Conway, AR Greenwood Studios
May 12 DAY OFF
May 13 Norman, OK Industry Skatepark
May 14 Dallas, TX Taqueria Chichen Itza
May 15 Houston, TX Mangos
May 16 Austin, TX Annex 1808
May 17 El Paso, TX Naylair
May 18 Albuquerque, NM The Gasworks
May 19 Pinedale, NM Lyles house
May 20 Tempe, Arizona The Underground
May 21 Escondido, CA House Show
May 22 Fullerton, CA Programme Skate Shop
May 23 Canoga Park, CA Cobalt Cafe
May 24 Cathedral City, CA Cathedral of Hardcore
May 25 San Bernardino, CA Black Flame Collective
May 26 Fresno, CA Chinatown Youth Center
May 27 Ceres, CA The Workshop
May 28 TBA
May 29 Sacramento, CA The Colony
May 30 Reno, NV Fort Ryland
May 31 Ogden, UT Mojos
June 1 Denver, CO Sidewinder
June 2 Haysville, KS KCs Too
June 3 Kansas City, MO The Sandbox
June 4 Des Moines, IA The Underground Rock Shop
June 5 Moline, IL Bierstube
June 6 Chicago, IL The Underground Lounge
June 7 Osceola, IN T.V. House
June 8 Detroit, Michigan Yonka House
June 9 Covington, KY The Donut Shop
June 10 Erie, PA Basement Transmissions
June 11 Rochester, NY California Brew Haus
June 12 Syracuse, NY Badlands
June 13 Randolph, MA City Limits Saloon
June 14 Oakdale, Connecticut Trap House
June 15 Poughkeepsie, NY My Place Pizza