Feature: Daniela Fullam aka Little Punk People

Feature: Daniela Fullam aka Little Punk People

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in featured

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Daniela Fullam

New Jersey
Start date:

Little Punk People started in 2010, I started painting when I was a kid (10 ish)

Tim Burton, Vincent Van Gogh, my son Elliott & my husband Justin
I want to continue to make people smile and I want my art to be a positive addition to people’s homes. I want my paintings to capture something special for their owners without burning a hole in their pockets!
Long run:
As long as I can still paint and sell my artwork, I will be happy. Who knows where it will go in a few years but I’m grateful for what we have now. But so far, it’s been been getting busier and better for us each year, so that’s a good sign!
Links: www.littlepunkpeople.net (our main link)