Feature: 4EYES

Feature: 4EYES

Posted by on May 19, 2014 in featured

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Location: Detroit, MI, USA
Start date: I’ve been interested in art and graffiti since I was a kid,but I didn’t take either seriously until around 2007
Influence: I take a lot of influence from my friends. All of them have influenced me in some way or another. Lately I’ve been looking for more inspiration outside of traditional graffiti, taking a lot from 80s video games, comic books, and anime.
Effect: I feel like a lot of my style is drawn from pop culture, so I just like to make stuff that looks cool. A familiar character that people recognize like my own Mickey Mouse or Mario. I once had someone tell me that finding my stickers was like finding poke’ mon cards, so that’s a pretty much perfect response.
Long run: In the future I want to continue to expand on my style. I have a couple projects that I’m working on in different mediums that I’m very excited about. Trying new things in 2014!