Feature: SmutVillain

Feature: SmutVillain

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in featured

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Name: SmutVillain

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Start date: I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life but I’ve been painting more seriously for the past decade or so.  Gamo and I have our own company doing production design and art direction for television and film which I like most of the time.  It puts us in challenging situations art-wise and allows us to do things in different mediums I normally wouldn’t even consider.

Influence:  When I was a younger I was obsessed with cartoons. I wanted to be an animator until I realized how tedious it actually was.  Drawings from Mad Magazine and old Popeye cartoons are my main influences from then.  When I got older Gamo and Evoker really inspired me to take things more seriously and I got into graffiti because of them. We all lived together at the turn of the century and would paint and play records constantly.

Effect: This is a really hard questions because I mostly paint for myself. I hope people like it, it’s one of the things that I take most seriously despite the often light-hearted subject matter.   Artists I respect and friends liking my work means the most to me. Outside of that there aren’t too many people’s opinions that matter that much.

Long run: I hope that I can continue to enjoy doing this, that’s first and foremost.  As for the future, I’m really not sure. Lately I’ve had a lot of interest in working on a children’s book.  I’m pretty happy where I am now though.  My job, as well as being an additional creative outlet, allows me enough free time to paint, travel and do the things I want. All-in-all the situation is pretty ideal but in the future I would love to work for other people less and focus on my own art more.