Feature: Send Help

Feature: Send Help

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in featured

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Name:  Send Help

Location:  New York Shitty

When did you start?  I’ve been into graffiti my whole life but became active early 2012…but aside from graffiti I always wanted to leave a bigger mark than just on walls so started the whole clothing movement….I think its awesome how many people show love and support.

Influences? Reason?  Swor & Vew….my homies are my biggest influences…they inspire me to go harder than them and put my all into my work.

How you think or want your work to effect people?
I just want to be able to influence other people…for them to go out and spread their own message….even with the system tryna stop us….keep goin at it, Wreck The Public!

Where will you be in a few years?  Still doing the same thing…
and shout out to everyone who has show nothing but love and support.