Feature: Eric Broers

Feature: Eric Broers

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in featured

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Name: Eric Broers

Location: San Francisco, California US of A

Start date: My first memories of really getting into drawing was  age, 11 during Junior High. We’d draw Don Martin and Sergio Aragones from Mad Magazines

Influence:  Mark Gonzales, Neil Blender, The Minutemen, Andy Howell,  Andy Jenkins, Shel Silverstein, Jim Phillips, Alice Koswara, AFX, Trans Am, traveling, sci-fi, ramen noodles, pizza and Whiskey

Effect: We should all  look at seemingly impassible obstacles in our path as a summit to conquer. Discover new perspectives.

Long run: I did a drawing a day last year. That opened up a lot doors for me. Projects are evolving intuitively.  I want to continue on that path. Also want to get better at rendering mountains and skateboards. All that  comes with tons of practice.

Visuals : ericbroers.com
Insta : hiericbro
audio : soundcloud.com/nathome