Feature: Stephanie Ng

Feature: Stephanie Ng

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in featured

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Name: Stephanie Ng

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Start date: I’ve always been drawing my entire life, but I had my
first art show in Brooklyn in 2011. It was the first time I had
exhibited my work professionally. That show represented the beginning of
an era during which I began to have more respect for my art, and it
will always mean a lot to me. Not only did I sell my first piece, but I
also realized how much support I had, and I finally decided I should
make my art a constant, permanent part of my life.

Influences: I have a soft side for street artists like Banksy and
Shepard Fairey and for photographers like Henry Cartier-Bresson, but I
will always consider classic painters and illustrators as my top
influences. Leonardo da Vinci is my main man.

Effect: I’d like viewers to consider not only the aesthetic of a
piece but also the concept behind it and the execution that led to its
creation. Each of these aspects can be appreciated separately, but they
also create a whole new entity when considered together, and each one
gives us a different perspective through which we can view not only a
piece of art but also life itself.

Long run: I hope to develop several new series and new styles
within the next year, whatever they may be: studies of skulls, patterns,
portraits, whatever next inspires me! I took a bit of a break over the
past several months while trying to come up with new ideas, and I hope
to exhibit my artwork more within the next year.

Links: www.stephaniemng.com