Feature: VERS

Feature: VERS

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in featured

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Name: VERS

Location: Brooklyn NY

Start date: 1986

In my early stages of writing while living in Brooklyn
I remember Skeme and the fresh letters he rocked on the trains having
an impact… writers such as FIB, CANE, DC, DUEL use to have highways
(Belt Pkwy) smashed out near where I lived. Seeing this would get me
amped and really kicked started me getting into graffiti and bombing. It
wasn’t until I had moved out to Staten Island where I got into piecing.
Two writers SKOPE2 and MARS/AIR3 – TNI probably had the most influence
on me. These guys were lighting walls up…

I enjoy painting out on the streets and meeting new people.. Majority of the
time we paint in areas that can be high in crime and properties aren’t
taken care of as well.. so it is always nice when someone walks by and
says thank you for brightening up their community.. I also enjoy seeing
the reaction when kids come up to the wall and give their
interpretation of what is being painted… they always give the most
unfiltered honest opinions… A young kid showed up by a wall I was
painting one time with a drawing he did of one my pieces. His mother
tells me that he loves to come by the wall after I finish it and redraw
it. Hopefully my artwork will influence him as well as other young kids
years down the line and they will go into the arts.

Long run:
I can’t really say where it will take me… Graffiti has been a love hate
relationship over the years… taking breaks here and there… but
always coming back… as long I can stay creative and enjoy it then I’m
sure I will be around rocking graf

Instagram: @versgrafx