Feature: K•NOR

Feature: K•NOR

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in featured

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Name: K•NOR

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Start date: Making art under my alias since 2013.

Influence: Horror movies, picture books, skate graphics and punk rock, combined with an unhealthy fascination with graffiti and a general appreciation for people who push their own imaginations.

Effect: Good or bad, I just want my art to have an effect on people. I think the worst art is the kind that you look at and don’t think twice about.  Ultimately I am telling my own story and doing what I love, so if I can get a stranger to relate to what I am trying to say or inspire them to push their own creativity– those are all bonus points in my book.

Long run:  My goal is to never stop challenging what I think I am capable of as an artist.  For me, this means getting outside of my comfort zone as much as possible and trying to express myself in unfamiliar ways that are not guaranteed to work. Over the next few years I want to paint more, paint bigger, continue collaborating with people that inspire me and fail as often as I succeed.  Before I am dead and buried I want everyone to know my name.

Links:  www.K-NOR.com