Feature: Gold Poo

Feature: Gold Poo

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in featured

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Name: Gold Poo
Location: NYC
Start date: Fall 2013 for this project but I suppose I’ve always been artistic.
Influence: As an artist and art fan there are too many people to name that influence me.  In terms of painting poop I had really never seen it done before.  So when I ran the idea of spray painting dog shit gold by a few close friends and got good feedback, I decided to actually run with the idea.  It is great to have people in your corner making sure you don’t do too many dumb things.  I can easily say I wouldn’t be doing this without the support of the people around me.  I have really awesome friends.
Effect: First, I don’t want people to step in shit.  So I hope they see it.  Then, I hope people laugh.  But it actually is a metaphor.  People will all too often over value an item when in reality is just shit underneath.
Long run: I really don’t have a clue where this may take me, but I am having a lot of fun.  My hope is to one day have a serious one man show where I’m forced to take this concept to another level.  But until then, I’ll stick to playing in the streets.
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