Feature: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

Feature: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in featured

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Name: Dave Webb Aka Davemarkart

Location: Arizona

Start date: Been painting for over 10 yrs.
been customizing for about 4 yrs.

Influence: My influences… Music. Don’t think I could create without it.  Always been a fan of Tara McPhersons work… As well as Tim Burton.
Both artists work has always captivated me.

Effect: My “Fragile am I” character would be that character that I think might make people think twice. And realize we are all fragile and even a small break destroys the structure.

Long run: Would love more than anything to create full time. (I already do but I still have a 40hr day job as well) so that’s my goal to do this Full Time and this only.  If nothing more because people appreciate the work I put into art. And Nobody gives a shit at the day job. I’m just a number.
IG @davemarkart