Feature: Kelly Towles

Feature: Kelly Towles

Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in featured

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name- Kelly Towles

Location- Washington DC

Start Date- 90’s

influence- DC- Music, My Wife and Kid- artist that Influenced me in the start were Chuck Close, Egon Schiele, Twist, Pushead, Derek Hess to name a few.

Effect- Hopefully people smile. I think the harder you over think what people will think- you already have a roadblock stopping you in making works you enjoy to make.

Long run- Hopefully on this same path- I have been independently making art for awhile now- I can think of nothing else I love more- besides my fans.

Shout outs to RWK- DC and 202.
Links- www.kellytowles.com

IG- @kellytowles