Feature: Serringe

Feature: Serringe

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in featured

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Name: Serringe

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Start Date: 1978

Influence: Martha Cooper, Stephen Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton
Stanley Kubrick, Phillip K. Dick, Edgar Allan Poe, Tdee, Bjork, Wu-Tang,
Onyx, Nirvana, The Cure, Godzilla, Robotech, G.i. Joe, Tales from the Darkside,
The Twilight Zone, H.G. Wells, Jim Lee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Bones
Brigade, Craig Stecyk and last but not definitely not least…. The G.O.D.

Effect: When I started documenting and shooting graffiti/street art I wanted to present
it in a way that everyone can appreciate. I feel that most graffiti videos tend to be aggressive
and though I love the rawness in them and find them completely entertaining I personally want to make videos
that one day I can show to my kids and my loved ones in general. I do my best to draw emotion
out of what I shoot. Art is very emotional and delivering videos this way makes people relate to
the passion, drive and sacrifices that one makes to paint in the way that some of these guys/girls do.
I guess in the end I hope I effect people in a positive way.

Long run: I want to continue to shoot and hopefully one day shoot every artist at least once.



Instagram @serringe