Feature: Anthony “weird*eye*one”

Feature: Anthony “weird*eye*one”

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in featured

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Name: Anthony “weird*eye*one”

Location:  Currently living on the beach in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Start date:

I started doing art in the late 90s, and stayed with it, but I was doing it “under the radar”.  I was leaving my art & my mark anonymously most of the time in the early years.  In 2005 is when I started getting a little more serious about it and creating art under the name “weird*eye*one”..  Then I had my first solo show in 2009 in a little gallery space in Philadelphia.  So it’s been 10 years, I’ve progressed, I got a following, painted a lot of walls, done more solo shows and my art has recently been exhibited internationally.


Comic book art and the old skateboarding art from the 80s & 90s, all that really cool illustration work that was under the Vision boards & Santa Cruz boards too.  I’ve been looking at & admiring graffiti since the 90s and really liked the elaborate abstracted pieces more so than the tagging.  I’ve always been influenced by abstract artwork on walls and in galleries and it definitely shows in my work a lot.  Also the colorful illustration work of Alex Pardee, who I’ve been following when I first saw his work in an homemade zine over 10 years ago.  I also admire the work of Victor Reyes MSK, his bold colorful abstract murals with all kinds of flowing organic shapes cutting through.  I’ve been enjoying watching graffiti writers making the transition to painting contemporary art murals over the years too.


I’m never really sure how I want people to be effected by my work.  I paint and create what I feel is important to me.  I painted creepy faced and funny faced characters for a long time, and people liked them.  Those characters were extensions of what I was feeling, my emotions.  It was a way for me to speak to people through my art whether the character was on a giant wall outside or in a frame at a gallery.  With my new work over the last 2 years, shifting away from the characters and doing more animal, nature influenced work, I feel I’m still sharing my thoughts & emotions with people who look at my paintings.  I enjoy being outdoors, alone in nature, seeing the animals and hearing them and it really has gotten into my work the last couple years.

One thing that most people have gotten into the last couple years are my murals where I’ve transitioned into bold colorful abstract compositions, and going big when I can.  I still like painting outside and inside of abandoned buildings.  I’ve become pretty popular at one giant wall over the years that’s on a heavily used hiking trail.  I usually paint it once (sometimes twice) during the warm weather season and it’s awesome to see how all the people react to it, they’re so happy that I’m giving them something beautiful to look at when they’re on their hike.  It’s always a fun weekend to paint out there & see the effect my art has on everyone.  I enjoy that more than someone paying me hundreds or thousands of dollars for one of my paintings.  However, don’t get the wrong idea, I like the money too, haha..

Long run:

Well 2015 is looking like it will be a big year for me..  I honestly thought how can I top 2014 with everything that happened, but this year is going to be good with 2 big solo shows lined up for July & November (November will be my first ever NYC solo show), some group shows here in the USA and Europe and Japan again.  I will also be painting murals too and I got some ideas flowing in my head already for some fun walls.  I’m also looking to do some collaborative projects as well, if time allows.  I’m going to be pretty exhausted at the end after my November solo show for sure and will probably take a solid break through December & the holiday season!

The future future, well as I always say, I just want to make more art in the studio and on the walls outside, keep progressing my work, keep sharing my thoughts & emotions with the people who look at my art.


Website .. http://www.weirdeyedesigns.com

Instagram .. http://instagram.com/weird_eye_one

Facebook .. https://www.facebook.com/weirdeyeone

Flickr .. https://www.flickr.com/photos/weirdeyeart

Tumblr .. http://weirdeyeone.tumblr.com