Feature: Karen Farmer

Feature: Karen Farmer

Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in featured

NAME: Karen Farmer

Location: Sydney Australia

Starting Date: (When I started doing art etc.?)
I have always created art, and make all types of art, and use whatever medium it takes to express the idea the most.
Because I love graffiti my current paintings are a way of commemorating graffiti as the highest and most honest form of art today and that the graffiti world and culture has been overlooked by the art world as vandalism or outsider art at best, so i translate the graffiti into an oil painting to honour it.

Influence: (who influenced you?)
Graffiti writers are artistically driven rebels, and I like that, who create social identity through their creative marks, so every writer, bomber…. street creatives.

Effect: (How do U think or want your work to effect people, world etc?)
There is a huge divide between street art and gallery and museum art, and the graffiti culture is mostly unknown and ignored by the art world. I want to remove the dismissive stigma of graffiti and create an acknowledgement of the work by memorializing the graffiti, and with the oil painting format , align it with the fine art scene.

Long run (where will I take it, be in a few years etc.)
In the long run I hope to see the people who have become legends within the graffiti world receive the same acknowledgement in the wider world for their important work that has helped shape a cultural identity….and I hope to go to New York to paint from life

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