Mighty Tanaka presents: Here and There

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Mighty Tanaka presents: Here and There


Mighty Tanaka presents:
Here and There
Featuring the artwork of Herb Smith & Chris Otley

Friday, September 19th, 2014
6:00PM – 9:00PM
(Show closes October 31st, 2014)

Mighty Tanaka
111 Front St., Suite 224
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Office: 718.596.8781
Email: contact@mightytanaka.com
Web: http://www.mightytanaka.com/



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Invalid Displayed Gallery

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Start Date: I can’t put an exact date to when I start creating my own art and actually referred to it as that, but it was maybe around 13, 14. I was one of those kids who’d spend days in front of a lego set, inventing my own cartoon world. As soon as I was old enough my parents introduced me to film and I’d end up spending half of the 90’s roaming the aisles of Blockbuster. Eventually my folks got me a camcorder and I’d shoot spoofs on just about any History or English assignment, handing that in instead of a powerpoint or traditional presentation. At the same time I’d always drawn and taken art classes. When I got to college and enrolled in film school I finally began bringing all of the different mediums together. A Color Green was the result.
Influence: Stanley Kubrick. Anyone who knows me will at some point in our contact listen to a never ending rant about Kubrick so I’ll just get it out of the way now. He’s the greatest American filmmaker of all time (if not the greatest all together) and an unrecognized genius. That said, it was actually the gritty, Black & White photography he did at the start of his career for Look Magazine that was a big influence. I imagined them as this ‘hint’ to his creative process and used that to guide my early B&W work, focus on contrast and composition. Even as I stray more and more-so into illustration and design I have an odd connection to those real-life, NY-street scenes and the Kubrick mastery over the creative process. Also of notable mention might be: 90’s nickelodeon, Federico Fellini and Quasimoto.
Effect: Bring back film, cinema or whatever you want to call it. At the same time I don’t feel a sole connection to one medium. I’d love to continue working across multiple planes. I’d like Mr. Green to be as recognizable as Larry David and I’d also like to franchise a chain of experiential green-friendly movie theaters or just become a hermit in Estonia.
Long run: Bigger pieces of art on bigger canvases and bigger buildings. Turning the short to series, films to features and collaborating with as many talented artists as possible. A Nobel Prize would be cool too.

ECB at the No Limit fest in Sweden.

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ECB at the No Limit fest in Sweden.

Check out more at Street Art News


Feature: Neg/Negger

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Feature: Neg/Negger

Invalid Displayed Gallery

Name: Neg/Negger

Location: Brooklyn Zoo

Start Date: I was introduced to graffiti in early ’05, but didn’t start taking it seriously till about ’08 – ’09
Influences: Growing up in Brooklyn the crews that really stood out and influenced me were Kcw, 5mh, Sc & 36. These guys were all dedicated bombers and most of them were doings things I could only imagine doing at that time, both on lines & on rooftops.

Effect: My work, as of lately, has been influenced by typography & fonts. I just really enjoy doing legible, but creative, lettering that writers and people who don’t know much about graffiti can appreciate.

Long Run: Who knows, but one thing is for sure I won’t ever stop writing. Writing is one of the few things that keep me sane. Hopefully I get to expand into other mediums. I still have a lot to learn, but I am excited to see where I go from here.

Shout out to the homie Vew,the guys behind the lenses El Blanquito Especial, Young Mike and everyone else for the support.

“The Adventures of Christian”

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“The Adventures of Christian”

ChrisRWK was asked to do a commissioned piece for one of his collectors based on “The Adventures of Tintin”. It’s a gift from his wife. Hopefully he likes it.

Feature: Danny Martin

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Feature: Danny Martin

Invalid Displayed Gallery

1. Danny Martin
2. Tucson, Arizona
3. been doing drawings since I first watched Voltron….so when I was 4…
4. Im influenced by a lot of creative types…but off the top of my Head: Jack Kirby, Jim Henson, Shawn Kerri, Jim Phillips, Raymond Pettibon, Charles Shultz, Gene Colan, Keith Haring, Pushead, Frank Miller, Jamie Hernandez,and  Milton Caniff
5. I just wanna make enuff images to construct a narrative of subject matter that I think is rad….everything from day of the dead to onsite Urban Landscape portraits to pop culture imagery   is fair game!
6. in the long run…I wanna be doing what Im doing right now, just on a larger scale.
7. dannymartinart.com Danny Martin Flickr

Exclusive print release: Artist HERT uses own blood to subvert parole restrictions

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Exclusive print release: Artist HERT uses own blood to subvert parole restrictions

Carnage NYC is proud to announce the release of a unique edition of screenprints by artist Ian de Beer.

In September of 2010, Ian de Beer, aka HERT, was sentenced to 1-3 years in state penitentiary for graffiti. Regarded by many of his peers as one of the most talented young artists emerging on the East Coast, he now faced severe restrictions. After a year in prison he was moved first to a half-way house and is currently still confined to his hometown in Western New York State. His artistic interests have broadened considerably in recent years, but de Beer’s transition to a professional art career is facing serious hurdles: Under the condition of his parole, de Beer is not allowed to use a wide variety of art materials, including paint and any type of marker or pen, even to create works on paper or canvas.

In order to create this print without these essential tools, de Beer decided to incorporate these restrictions into the artistic process. He manipulated the imagery digitally and commissioned an external printer. Rather than signing the prints in a conventional manner, de Beer chose to tell the story of his arrest with his finger-prints and had a pint of his own blood extracted to use in place of ink. De Beer thus re-focuses the viewer’s attention from the banality of arrest procedures to the existential threat of suffocating restrictions that aim not to reform but solely to punish.

Two-color screenprint and blood on heavy watercolor paper. 18” by 24”. Edition of 50 plus 3 APs. Available via carnagenyc.com on Tuesday, July 22 at noon ET.



Feature: Stephanie Ng

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Feature: Stephanie Ng

Invalid Displayed Gallery

Name: Stephanie Ng

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Start date: I’ve always been drawing my entire life, but I had my
first art show in Brooklyn in 2011. It was the first time I had
exhibited my work professionally. That show represented the beginning of
an era during which I began to have more respect for my art, and it
will always mean a lot to me. Not only did I sell my first piece, but I
also realized how much support I had, and I finally decided I should
make my art a constant, permanent part of my life.

Influences: I have a soft side for street artists like Banksy and
Shepard Fairey and for photographers like Henry Cartier-Bresson, but I
will always consider classic painters and illustrators as my top
influences. Leonardo da Vinci is my main man.

Effect: I’d like viewers to consider not only the aesthetic of a
piece but also the concept behind it and the execution that led to its
creation. Each of these aspects can be appreciated separately, but they
also create a whole new entity when considered together, and each one
gives us a different perspective through which we can view not only a
piece of art but also life itself.

Long run: I hope to develop several new series and new styles
within the next year, whatever they may be: studies of skulls, patterns,
portraits, whatever next inspires me! I took a bit of a break over the
past several months while trying to come up with new ideas, and I hope
to exhibit my artwork more within the next year.

Links: www.stephaniemng.com 



A more permeant 228 label!

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A more permeant 228 label!

Ok so July 15th is here and the aluminum label 228’s are available.
There will be a limited edition of 20 that are 1 color(black) hand drawn on silk screened 228 label design on aluminum. Also there will be a full color limited edition available.
So head over to http://www.urbanhangings.com
now to grab em before they are all gone!!!







Feature: LFS (Looking For Spots)

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Feature: LFS (Looking For Spots)

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LFS is short for Looking For Spots. We are a group of dudes from the heart of Jersey who shred on bmx bikes and dedicate a lot of time searching for street spots all over the east coast. Sometimes we find ourselves lurking around in the middle of nowhere farmland towns and in the alleyways of the grimiest hood parts of major cities to find a street spot. We’ve been able to avoid trouble and cops by learning to blend in, work words and pedal fast. Half of us are in our late 20’s and the others can’t buy booze yet. Each one of us has a unique style and we feed off of each others abilities to further our own skill sets. Our riding is not a competition. We seek to inspire others to join our fun, impress each other and above all, to be remembered for what we do.

In the realm of art, people express themselves in many different ways for many different reasons. For us, LFS, it’s to be recognized for our expressions of abilities and attitudes on the BMX bike. We also have developed an eye for rideable spots in urban architecture similar to the ability of graffiti artists to see the perfect spot for a piece. Our skill was developed by taking risks that could cost us our lives. “Damaging” property to enjoy our talents could result in unintended encounters with law enforcement, negatively effecting our credibility in the “real” world. We do what we do to take on the challenges of applying our abilities in different aspects to get the pleasant, short lived high from an adrenaline rush and to claim the fame after conquering a spot.

In our world of BMX, there are many unwritten rules that we all should follow to allow for the integrity of the sport to hold strong. Just like a graffiti artist can’t use a tag name someone else has already claimed, a rider can’t film the same trick on the same setup as someone else and call it theirs. A one-up, which is doing the same trick with an added combo, is like painting right over someone else’s art. The rules, the codes we follow, are passed on through the generations, but it’s becoming tougher with the growing popularity of our sport. Its up to the OG’s to keep it real and the youths to pay attention.

Jeff Ludwig,
LEED Green Assoc.

Chris Marshall Photo Captions

Dan Diehl- Dan is the crew originator alongside Jeff and Doroba. Here Dan holds onto to the seat of his bike with one hand and jumps from the staircase into the embankment below. As seen in the LFS DIG BMX article.

Dope- I’ve always felt that shitty areas have a strange beauty to them. Coincidently shitty areas usually also have the best spots to ride.

Doroba- Late night missions to spots are sometimes the only way they can be ridden hassle free. Doroba takes advantage with this 1am double peg grind. As seen in the LFS DIG BMX article.

Jeff With Glasses (Jeff Ludwig)- JWG gets it in before the Demolition teams come through to this Abandoned Stadium Hubba ledge.

Jeff With Glasses Portrait- The texture and natural lighting of this burned out room in the stadium made for an excellent portrait studio.

LFS Guard- While out riding in of course a rather unsavory area an armed security guard came out to kick us out. We ended up talking to him and his sun about bike riding and got the info of when they weren’t open so we could go back undisturbed.

Mike Kleisler- The young pistol of the group Mikey K fires out a gap over the sidewalk block into the tight storm door

Nut Sack Ankle- Rolled ankles, Bone deep pedal gashes to the shins, and broken fingers are all common injuries that BMX riders will inevitably endure. Most just tape, wrap, or rig injuries so the next day can still be enjoyed pedaling around

NYC- A great thing about Street riding is being able to see things at times most don’t. On the way home from a late night midtown mission I couldn’t pass up a photo of this bone wall

SmallFry- BMXers tend to be an optimistic bunch. After Hurricane Sandy this upturned sidewalk would make most people just see destruction. Smallfry see only a great a new spot to take advantage of with this Tailwhip.

Special- A super close fence, scraping handle bars, and a psychotic face is all Special needs to get things done.

Steve Kool- X-up grinds are a dangerous affair especially when done on a rail so close to the wall. Steve shows no fear and rides away after the first go on a trick you would never want to try twice.


LFS instagram